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Cash Flow and Blank Checks

Just because you have blank checks in your checkbook, does NOT mean you have money to spend. Cash flow works the same, just because you have money in your bank account, does not mean you have money to spend.  Cash… Continue Reading →

How to know when you’re ready?

When do you throw your hands up in the air and say I’m done, I’m done doing DIY Bookkeeping?! I hope to enlighten everyone with not only when to say “when,” but also the differences between a bookkeeper and accountant.

Quickbooks Desktop vs. Quickbooks Online

Tomato Tamatoe! Have you ever wondered what the differences are between Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop? We’re here to show you. Check it out!

Balance Sheet

Mystery Solved, what is a balance sheet any way?! If you google it, it would tell you it’s assets minus liabilities and equity and that’s what your company is worth. I’d only add to that a wee bit about it… Continue Reading →

Profit and Loss, Mystery Solved!

Do you know how to figure out the “bottom line?” How much money are you making after it’s all said and done? We’ll go over what a profit and loss statement or income statement is and how it’s useful to… Continue Reading →

QB Online Products and Services Feature

Do you know how to keep track of your income, by products or services?  This could be very important to gain the information on your company’s sales, and what it sells the most of, so you can then pursue those… Continue Reading →

Unsolved Accounting Mysteries v01

Hello everyone! Being a bookkeeper, as I am, I get a lot of random questions, not just accounting questions, but computer questions also.  I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and I have seen and witnessed many interesting… Continue Reading →

Big Dave Ramsey Fan

My family is in love with Dave’s simplistic ideas behind having a relationship with your money and that every penny is assigned to something.  That prevents the great money leak from your business and home budget. We have been through… Continue Reading →

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