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Q: Do I Lose Control?

A: Your accounting records are stored on servers that are physically secured, virtually protected via firewall, multiple redundant back-ups and consistently maintained via system patches, software updates and structural upgrades. Try and remember, when was the last time you have backed up your own computer system. Since Palek Bookkeeping only manages your information on paper (we don’t have authority or access, to move money in your bank accounts, and we don’t need to,) your money is still safe and in your control. As your outsourced accounting solution, we do all the data entry, provide appropriate analysis and set up all the data for you to review and approve.

Q: Why outsource my Bookkeeping?

A: We are guessing you are an entrepreneur because you are an expert at the service/product your company provides. So are we. Why not let us do what we are good at so you can focus on growing your business by developing strategies and making informed decisions. Outsourcing your accounting department allows us to provide you with timely and relevant information for you to do just that.

By Outsourcing your accounting efforts with us, you will no longer have to waste valuable time and resources hiring and training bookkeepers and then hoping that they can do the job right. Palek Bookkeeping offers a strong team of accountants with years of experience that you can leverage.

If you have been doing the bookkeeping yourself, you can finally free up your time to focus on things most important to you and your business.

With our services, it’s like you’ve suddenly brought on additional resources for your business to draw upon that had been unavailable to you.

Q: Why can’t I just hire someone in-house?

A: You can. But the industry has noted that the accounting departments in businesses have been one of the least understood, most outdated and inefficient processes. This is primarily because the private accounting industry had been held down by age-old traditions of doing things.  We make it easier than ever for business owners to get what accounting was built for 7,000 years ago – the vital business information that helps them make better business decisions.

Q: Is it very Expensive?

A: No it’s quite the opposite and usually less expensive then hiring an in house accountant.

Q. What’s Included?

A: It can include almost everything an in-house accounting department does or as little as you would want, and provide more effective financial information that can benefit the growth of your company.

Q: Bookkeeping/Accounting Tasks

  • accounts payable functions (track payables, record and categorize expenses)
  • bill paying service (we can also pay your bills from your account after your approval)
  • accounts receivable functions (send statements, track receivables, record receipts and do the banking)
  • account reconciliation’s (be it checking, savings or credit card accounts, lines of credit, loans, etc. – we make sure that all of your financial information is accurately up-to-date)
  • payroll (after-the-fact or live payroll, including calculating checks, direct deposit, government payroll reports for E.D.D., IRS and S.S.A, worker’s compensation reports and year end reports)
  • monthly analysis of your company’s financial situation