Do you think that Mr. President Kennedy said it best, with “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country?” Have you applied this question to other areas in your personal and Company’s life? As a small business owner, or entrepreneur, this questions probably comes to front a lot. You’re always trying to achieve more as your business grows and you’re likely wearing all of the business hats that you possibly can, at least at the start of your business. Or perhaps you inherited the business from someone else and you’re wondering “now what?” It could be that you think you’ve been running smoothly and don’t need to change. As a business owner, don’t you want to know if you’re company is operating at the top of its game?

There are normally three areas that every business struggles in: People, meaning having the right employee in the right position. It might be software related; are you using the right software or using the software correctly? The third area of struggle is having the proper software training. Are your employees or yourself trained on how to use the current software properly and effectively?

Palek Bookkeeping specializes in assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs in finding the right people for the right positions; proving the right software, whether it be QuickBooks (Online or Desktop), another accounting product, or even Project Management Software; Also a specialty of ours is training on the software already in-house, or new software that is provided.

We also have staff available to do the month to month functions of accounting, from basic bookkeeping, to payroll and payroll tax service, to accounting reporting.

Think about the possibilities of letting the burden go, of the keeping up on the day to day, month to month items and trusting that they will get done correctly and in a timely fashion. With over 20 years of accounting experience and expertise, Palek Bookkeeping can raise the Company game to an entirely different level. Ask not what you’re company can do for you, but what you can do for your company! Contact us today at info@palekbookkeeping or (515) 809-0600.